Starting this assignment where a prototype should have been finalized, i took the opinion or feedback of my peers for the layout i presented for the assignment 2. Truly speaking, i didn’t except such negative feedback from them as i thought they would just ask me to change things. Some did as well just said to change it completely. The fact that i was far from getting the required markings and was working beyond the extension date, i thought that i would i least try to make something new which i did.

Some of the feedback i received was that…

On the very first week of my 2nd Assignment, we were told about the overview of our while task and since then i knew that there was a lot to do. Fortunately, with ups and down i have reached my final successfully.

I started doing my research works on all the briefs as told and then chose Sustainability Victoria to work on. Then started directly to part A which consists of wire-frames and 3 low and high fidelity digital concepts. These are one of all examples below,

UniLodge is an application where students from the local country or from another country will use to book a hostel which is easily accessible near to where they are studying. They even give the students option to chose a compatible roommates to live along so that there won’t be an issue in the future. UniLodge do provide other services as well such as they will provide you with a canteen in the hostel as well as transportation. Free transportation on the first day of arrival and from hostel to their institute, they will have to pay for a fair price.

Aliah Earally

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